Thursday, September 29, 2011

Excited to be in Africa!

After 33 hours of travel, we are so excited to be in Africa.  We had absolutely no problems leaving Costa Rica or entering here to Johannesburg.  We were prepared with emails and letters of invitation for what we are doing here, but no one asked a thing, and our travels went very smoothly.  My bag was 10 lbs overweight, and the people at the counter were very patient with me as I took things out and put them in Matt and Isaac's bags.  Matt ended up with my blow dryer, which was quite the sight when he had to take out of his carry on bag as we went through security.  The reason it was so funny, is that Matt shaves his head, and looked silly with "his"  huge hair dryer! 

We thought the layover in Spain was 4 hours.  But I was greatly mistaken.  We spent 12 hours in Spain.  We did not want to leave the airport and go through customs in case Isaac, a citizen of Costa Rica, had any issues at the passport control.  So we took turn sleeping and watching the bags for our 12 hour stay in Spain.  We were so jet lagged then, getting on our midnight flight that the 3 of us slept the entire way from Madrid to Johannesburg.  

The YWAM base picked us up and brought us to the ministry where we will be staying, The Joseph Project. The camp that we were supposed to help with got shortened from 3 days to 1 day, which will be Saturday.  

It feels very surreal to be here in Africa! But the 3 of us are so happy to be here and very excited to be able to use our lives for God on this continent! 

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