Friday, September 23, 2011

Base/Church send off

Last night we went to the church Mundo de Fe, the church I usually go to here.  They prayed for us as missionaries to be sent to Zimbabwe.  As the pastor prayed for us, and the congregation had their arms extended toward us praying, I couldn't help but just cry.  I cried because I can't believe I'm about to do what I've always dreamed of doing.  I cried because I'm leaving Costa Rica, and I'll really miss the great girl friends I've made here.  I am so excited to leave on Tuesday- but there is part of me that is totally freaking out and sad to close this short 3 month chapter of life I've been living.

This morning the base staff here prayed for us to send us off.  It was so encouraging as they gathered around us and prayed for God to supply for all of our needs, to protect us, and to use us in the lives of the children we will be going to.

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