Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 5: The Nature & Character of God

I met Scott Freeman back in Tijuana when we spoke during my discipleship training school.  He is from California but has been living in Costa Rica doing full time missions in Jaco, a surfer town.  He and his wife Leslie (who will be speaking in a few weeks) run The Ramp, which is a hang out place for kids and teens.  Through this ministry they are reach the at risk children in their community. 

Scott spoke on the same topic here I heard him teach about in Tijuana: The Nature and Character of God.  It was interesting to hear him speak on the same topic, and have God speak to me differently this time than he did last time.  One thing that I believe God is trying to drill into me, is that he wants us to be real.  He doesn’t want us to act holy or go through the motions of serving him and loving him- he wants us to be completely genuine in our relationship with him.  If you think about it, it’s actually what we all desire in the relationships that we have- genuineness.   He gave the example of when we ask someone how they are, we really aren’t interested in how they really are doing!  It’s like when we say, “How are you?” we mean, “How are you? But please say fine, because I actually don’t care how you are doing!”  He contrasted this to the Latin American and African culture, to when they ask how someone is doing, they actually want to know.  When God asks us how we are doing, he actually wants to know.  He wants us to tell him what is going in inside and be vulnerable with him.

The purpose of the teaching this week was to get a correct perspective of who God is.  As people working with children, we will portray who God is to them, and if we do it in an incorrect way, we will be held accountable for the image of God we give to those kids. 

Another thing that Scott said that has stuck with me is that the Bible has 1 story about a perfect person, and the rest of the stories are about people with tons of issues and problems.    So many times we are afraid of failure, of messing up.  We think that God’s view torwards us will change and he will love us less because of the choices that we make.  But the Bible is clear that his love us unchanging towards us, and that he died for us while we were still sinners!  He doesn’t want us to perform- he wants us to be real and just live a life for him the best we can.

He ended the week with this phrase: God is big enough and good enough for everything you need for the rest of your life.

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