Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mothers Day at Metro

Next Sunday is Mother's Day here in Costa Rica, so Renate wanted to do something special for the moms of the kids she works with at Metro.  While the mother's day celebration was going on, I was outside with the kids leading the metro program.  I felt a lot similar to when I would lead the weekly chapel services at the school I worked at in Honduras.  I've gone to the same neighborhood enough now with Renate, that I am starting to remember the kids names, and they are remembering mine.  "Where is Renate?" One of the kids asked me.  "Well," I replied, "Renate is spending time with your moms, so I am going to be with you guys."  "Oh, so you're the new Renate.  Thats cool, it works for me!" he responded.

After we sang some songs, did a puppet show, taught a lesson about honoring our parents, and gave a snack, we got to my favorite part: the games.  Usually we don't have such structured games, but since we were with the kids for 3 hours today, we had a lot of games planned.  We split the kids up into 2 groups, and I was with the older kids.  The last game we played was a water balloon toss.  When the winners of the game asked what their prize was, I threw a water balloon at them and said, "This!"  The kids went nuts- grabbing balloons in an all out water balloon fight.  They were very respectful of not throwing any at me, which I was shocked about!  Finally, one boy came and asked me if I minded if he exploded a water balloon on my head. I laughed and told him yes and then got bombarded.  But it was a very fun day both for me and the kids, and the moms as well!

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