Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Metro Visitations

The vision of Metro Ministries is not just to do a kids program and reach the children, but reach the families as well with regular, weekly visitations.  I went with Renate last Wednesday to meet with families and do the visitations.  The neighborhood we went to, is actually the slums of San Jose.  We went into one ladies house, and I assumed that she was at least 45.  I was shocked to learn that she is only 28, and suffers from severe diabetes. Because she cannot get her diet under control, her diabetes is out of control.  I learned that she has 3 kids, but because she is unable to care for them, and because the living conditions are so bad, the were removed from her care and placed in an orphanage. We prayed for her, but wow, I wonder what step of action we as Christians can take to help her.  Jesus wanted to bring transformation to lives, he hung out with tax collectors so that they might be changed, he hung out with the sick and the poor, because he loved them and wanted to see their lives changed.  So as I go into the slums here and talk with people like the woman with diabetes, I can't help but ask God, what can I do, what can we do to bring practical transformation to this life.

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