Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mundo de Fe

Since I've been living in San Jose, I have started going to a really great church called "Mundo de Fe" that my friend Isaac goes to.  A few weeks ago his friend, Emanuel, came who is a missionary from Argentina who is working in Honduras.  He was going to different churches to preach and to raise financial support for the work he is doing in Honduras.  When Emanuel preached at Mundo de Fe, the pastor of the church called up Isaac and myself along with Emanuel to give an offering to us.  I was honored to be included with them- because although I am a missionary here, I felt undeserving of a church giving financially to me.

After church a family invited us out to lunch, in a different province of Costa Rica.  The restaurant had a great view, and really delicious typical Costa Rican food.  But the best thing about the day was how kindly we were treated by the family, and the members of the church.  I came to serve this nation, and many times I feel like they serve me more than I serve them.  It's how God designed the Body of Christ- to serve one another.  But it's overwhelming to me when I am served out of such kindness and love.

Emanuel, Isaac, me, and the family from the church

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