Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Weekend Adventures

Molly and I had an awesome weekend of adventures!  We went with some other friends, and drove to La Fortuna, which is where the famous Arenal volcano is located.  The first day we were there, it was too cloudy to see the volcano, even though we were at the very base!  We drove to a nearby waterfall, and went swimming in the waterfall which was absolutely incredible.  We hiked back to the hostle we were staying at, which was a few miles away.  That afternoon the clouds cleared up and we were able to see the amazing volcano.  Sometimes you can see the lava running down it, but we weren’t able to see any lava while we were there.  The next morning we got up early to do a canopy tour.  I’ve done canopy tours twice before, but each time is just as much of a thrill as the first!! Molly was quite the show as she screamed the entire distance of the zip line.  My favorite comment to her from the other 15 people who were doing the canopy tour with us was, “Hey screamer, what is your name?” 

That afternoon we went to a hot springs that was huge and so nice.  My friend Isaac who went to La Fortuna with us used to live there, and got us incredible deals on all of the fun stuff we did. It was so nice to be able to enjoy living the high life, without paying the high price! 

We came back on Tuesday afternoon, after taking the scenic tour to see the ocean.  Molly left this morning, which was as sad as it always is, but it was so great that she could come and be part of my life here on the mission field and in Costa Rica! 

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