Saturday, July 16, 2011

Week 2: Inner Healing

This week was very different from the last week.  Where last week we were learning tools for the ministry, and ideas and concept, this week was more about your heart and your mind.  Christy Scott, an American missionary to Costa Rica did the teaching on inner healing. 

In ministry, if you are not whole and healed, how do you expect to administer healing to others?  This was the main idea behind the week: becoming whole so you can help others in their process. 

She taught about the world Hosanna, which means save us, was used throughout the Bible as the Israelites were waiting for the savior to come.  The children who I have worked with, and will be working with cry that same cry: for someone to save them.  Jesus has come to set the captives free, he has come to save them.  But there are a lot of things that go into saving, and helping a child emotionally.

Christy talked about things like generational curses, which are things passed down from generation to generation.  She talked about inner vows that we make with ourselves.  Perhaps someone has been made fun of, so they make an inner vow to never speak in public or group settings, so that they never get made fun of.  We prayed and asked God if we had made any inner vows, and Jesus revealed to me things that have happened in my life, and decisions I have made because of those things.  It was a very freeing week, to say the least!

In ministering inner healing to children, it takes investigating the root, and asking Jesus where that came from.  Not a counselor trying to read into what has happened, but letting Jesus, who knows all things, reveal moments and memories, and then show himself present and speak the truth over those memories and moments.

Christy met with us one on one throughout the week to answer any questions we had, and to help us process though her teaching and what Jesus had been personally revealing.  My time with her was very enlightening, and I’m thankful that she was so available to us. 

Outreach is only 10 short weeks away, and I am praying about doing the 6 months with this ministry in Zimbabwe: Fountain of Hope

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