Monday, July 4, 2011

Tough stuff

Today was the first day of class in the Children at Risk school.  It was basically an introduction to what the next 9 months would look like: learning about tough issues and situations that children face, understanding it from the Biblical perspective, and then going out and ministering with God's heart for these issues.  We watched a video this evening that went through various articles of the UN's children's rights.  They would read a right, and then show stories in various countries of how the child's rights were being violated.

Because I have been living in Central America for the past 4 years, when they began to talk about child trafficking, prostitution and street kids in the Central American countries, is was very difficult to hear knowing I have been living here and have been able to change little, if any of what is happening.

As our speaker said today, the nightmare isn't that it exists, the nightmare of what happens to children is the inability to change it.  The video talked about how children here in San Jose are subjected to sex trafficking and forced labor, and that Costa Rica has recently moved from being a tier 1 country in these issues to a tier 2.  (Tier 1 means there is no problem with child trafficking/prostitution, while tier 4 is the absolute worst)

Here is a link to the US Embassy's most recent report on this issue here in San Jose: US Embassy- Costa Rica.  On Tuesday nights I will be going out and ministering to these children caught up in this nightmare.  I'm not sure exactly what I will be doing with them, but I will be finding out tomorrow night as I go.

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