Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Metro on Sunday

On Sunday, I had quite the busy day with Metro Ministries.  A church about 2 hours from San Jose was having and evangelistic campaign in a poor neighborhood which has a high percentage of teens and children using drugs.  They invited Metro to come and be part of the service, teaching kids.  It was one of the most interesting church services I have been a part of!  The worship turned into typical Costa Rican dance, with people dancing salsa!  It was cool to see people worship God within the context of their own culture instead of doing it the way we usually in America.  The service ended up being around 4 hours long- but was full of dramas, skits, dances and music.  I helped translate for an Canadian talking about forgiveness, and participated in 2 dramas.  I was supposed to rap the Bible verse, and was very relieved when we ran out of time and my rap got cut!  Rapping in English is one thing, but getting the beats right with difficult Spanish words is a whole different ballpark for me!

At the end of the service they gave an alter call, and the Spirit of God was very present.  Many adults and children came to make decisions to become followers of Jesus.  It was precious to see entire families come forward, hungry for Jesus to change them.  I talked with a 13 year old boy who wanted nothing to do with Jesus or religion and just came to see what was going on.  He didn't even want me to pray for him.  It breaks my heart when people outright reject Jesus and what he has done, but I know that to reach boys like Elias, it takes someone in the community showing the example of what it means to follow Jesus instead of just swooping in and giving a one time invitation.

That is one reason why I am excited about going on this 6 month outreach, because I will be with a community and be able to live out follow Jesus through actions, and not just through my words.

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