Monday, July 11, 2011

Metro Ministries- Forgiveness

Saturday was quite the busy day for me!  I worked on base, cooking and cleaning up meals, and also went to Metro Ministries to help.  Metro goes into 3 different communities here in San Jose where no one has yet gone to work with the children or share the gospel.  It is similar to a children's church program.

Because the kids are on vacation from school, Renate (the ministry coordinator/missionary from Germany) has been doing Vacation Bible Schools with the kids all week.  When we went into the poverty stricken community, the kids ran up to the van and showered us with hugs as we got out.  I love that I can speak Spanish and easily communicate with the children I work with.  

The lesson was about forgiveness, and Renate and I did a short drama to explain how not forgiving others was like drinking poison, and only harmful to yourself.  She showed me a picture she had drawn, and I laughed and made fun of her.  Every time I would laugh at her she would say, "I'm never going to forgive you," and would drink from the bottle of poison.  

The lesson was very powerful for the kids, and one girl even broke down in tears talking about how her friends, family and teachers were mean to her and she felt like no one loved her.  Renate and the other ladies from the community who help out spoke value over her, and hugged her as this little, broken girl shared how badly she was hurt.  

Metro Ministries is not just a once a week children's program, although there is a children's program once a week.  Renate goes to the neighborhoods she works in, and visits the families of the children that comes to the program.  So, this girl will get a follow-up visit from Renate this week, and hopefully the local church will become more involved in this family.  

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