Saturday, June 25, 2011

To Texas & Back

Last week I flew in to Dallas and road tripped through Texas, visiting friends and supporters.  Alex, my amazing friend and chauffeur for the week, drove with me from city to city to lots of different cities.   We drove to Longview, Forney, College Station, Bryan, North Houston, South Houston, and back up to Dallas where we started.  

My love for Texas and Still Creek Ranch, the children's home I worked at while going to college, increased throughout my week there, and I know that if I ever move back to the USA to serve God here, I'll probably end up in Texas at that Children's home.  Margaret, the director, told some friends that as soon as I walked on to the property, not to let me off.  (I made it out okay, haha)  Little does she know how much my heart loves and longs to be back at that ranch!

Alex & I at Still Creek Ranch

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