Thursday, June 2, 2011

Official YWAM Missionary

Today I graduated from the Discipleship Training School.  We were given letters that we had written to ourselves at the beginning of the 5 months in January, and it was so neat to see what I expected God to do, and then to know that he has done that.  I feel alive and refreshed, not just in spiritual things, but in my personal life and personality as well.  Although there have been frustrating moments, and times when I've asked, "is this what I really want to do with my life?" I have thoroughly enjoyed these last few months.  I will really miss my friends that I have made here, especially my leader Felipe.  Here is a picture of my fearless leader and I:

I am now an official YWAM missionary and ready to work with them at their base in Costa Rica doing the Children At Risk School which I am leaving for on June 27th.


xtla said...

That's so cool. I was in Haiti 4 months ago and have been following along with you. I also know some friends that know you, Rob, Liz, Lisa and more. They all thought it was funny because I knew you from your blog. I will be on outreach in Peru & Bolivia in August, but I can't wait to meet you and I will be here at the base in Costa Rica for a year or two, so I am sure we will meet. Enjoy your time ant home and see you in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!


xtla said...

I meant July, not August, so we will be around June 27th when you get in. Have a safe trip!