Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I've arrived!

I had a great flight to Costa Rica, and arrived late Monday night.  My living conditions are much different than what life was like in Tijuana or the Dominican Republic.  I'd say that before I was living in the Hilton compared to what the base is like here!  The living conditions are a bit more rustic, and I feel much more "missionary" living here!  

Let me tell you what the room is like.  There are 2 rooms that are connected, with 1 bunk bed in one room, and 2 in the other.  There are no closets, no drawers, no place to hang anything so we are all living out of our suitcases.  We were given a pop-up clothes hamper which I stacked my clothes in and will use as a drawer- genius, I know! 

My room is on the second floor in the dorm building, and the only bathroom and showers on base are in the dining hall, main building.  So it's a walk to shower or to use the bathroom, or do anything with a sink.  

There are 3 other students now, and 4 more will be arriving on Friday.  This week we are getting the classroom ready where we will be meeting, and this afternoon I will be going to work with Metro Ministries, which is a children's ministry in downtown San Jose.  

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