Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Home sweet home

I arrived home to Ohio safely last Friday night.  My entire family was here waiting for me, which has been incredibly special since we are so spread out.  For the first time and a year and a half, my sisters and I are all at my parent's house at the same time.  It's been great being home and catching up with everyone.  As always, I have lots of stories to tell that come up at random times, and since I'm a story teller, I love to share.

It was rather strange being in public places and not speaking Spanish.  At the airport when I ordered my coffee I asked for a "carmel late with leche descremada."  The man looked at me funny, and I had to think for a moment to remember how to ask for skim milk.

I'll be home for a few weeks before embarking on my new missionary adventure to San Jose, Costa Rica.

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