Thursday, June 30, 2011

Familiar Faces

Today the majority of the people here went to the beach, which is a couple hours away.  Although I am an avid beach lover, I decided to stay.  Tomorrow the rest of the students will arrive, as well as students doing a DTS (like I did in Tijuana.)  I decided that this was probably my last day of having any alone time, and so I'm here in San Jose.  

I had a pleasant surprise to see a familiar face here on the base! In 2007 I came to Costa Rica for the first time with a ministry called Arrows of Light, which holds leadership conferences and has the vision of raising up Godly Costa Rican men and women.  I met Christina at the conference and had some pretty deep conversations with her about the Lord, but I haven't been in contact with her since that trip.  She is here at the San Jose base about to start her DTS!  She shared with me her journey (which has been quite difficult) over the past few years, and as I was helping her move into her room, she showed me the Arrows of Light notebook with all of the notes she had taken.  She shared with me that the teaching she received in the conference had been crucial to her Christian walk, and getting her through some pretty tough situations.  

I'm so excited that she is here and to continue a friendship with her, and also to see how much the Arrows of Light ministry has impacted her life.  

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