Friday, May 13, 2011

San Pedro de Macoris

We have been very busy since arriving in San Pedro de Macoris!  As this base is being pioneered, we have been in many churches, helping at pastor's conferences, and meeting with local ministries telling about YWAM.  We've also had many different opportunities to do ministry in local parks, in neighborhoods, and have been in several churches leading the service.  On Wednesday I had the priveledge to go on the radio and talk about what these last few months have been like in the DR and in Haiti.  I told Alex's story and shared how I saw so many Dominicans and Haitians hungry for the things of God. 

I along with 3 other Mexicans spoke for about 25 minutes, and when our time was up we found ourseleves in another interview, but with the newspaper!  The jornalist asked me why young people should dedicate their youth to the Lord.  I told the story of how I started in full time missions as a 19 year old, and how it changed the rest of my life.  I encouraged young people to not wait until they had problems, or until they turned 50 to start serving God; that your life beings when you start serving God! 

We've been invited back to the radio tonight, and will be going on national tv on Sunday to talk about YWAM, do a drama, and share testamonies about what God has done in our lives and we have seen him do in this nation. 

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