Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Painting and preaching

Each day here looks very different from the morning to the evening. Today was no exception. We were at a center for children this morning painting the property. We were at the same center last Monday painting cartoons on walls of the playground and today we did a second coat over the entire building.

After painting all morning, we went back to the base to get changed for church. The electricity was not working, which means there was no water, so most of us just bathed using a pot of water. Real missionary, I know!

Then we went to a neighborhood and walked around for about an hour inviting people to church. I pretty much did the whole church service, as I was involved in the drama, and translated both the testimony and the sermon.

I'm becoming a woman of all trades here! From painting, to cleaning dishes to evangelizing, to translating all in one day, I always have something to do!

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