Sunday, May 15, 2011

National TV

This has been a very busy weekend! Yesterday we went to a church that is being planted in a neighborhood, and helped them with practical work.  We moved gravel, decorated, painted, and did a kids program.  Then, last night we led a church service at a local church.  We all had a great time dancing during the very lively praise time, and last night they had an actual congo line...not like the one last Sunday that we thought was real but wasn't!  I translated the sermon from English to Spanish, which was a little intimidating for me to do, but I ended up doing it well.  There were a few phrases that came out wrong, and I knew it was incorrect, but couldn't think of how to fix it, so they had do work through my translation a bit!

This morning we went to a church service, just to listen, and then at 1 we went to the TV station!  We were invited last week, after being on the radio, to go on TV to do a drama, give a testimony and sing.  (A girl on our team, Jazmin, has an incredible voice.)  I translated for Kelly as she gave her testimony of growing up in the foster care system and not knowing what it was like to have a family.  She shared how God has transformed her life by giving hope, love, and security.

Kelly talking, and me translating into Spanish on national TV here in the DR

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