Friday, May 27, 2011


Today we went back to the Haitian community that is close to the base, but the environment was completely different.  Usually when we get close to the village, the kids run up to us and there are people outside greeting us.  But today, there was no one-- it looked like a deserted town.  We found out that immigration had recently come by, and everyone was in hiding.

Immigration roundups here are much different than in the States.  We were horrified, as the people shared with us that immigration does not intend to send them back to Haiti.  The officials come and take all of their possessions, and often times rape the women.  It's hard to believe the corruption that exists in the people who are entrusted to protect.  But it does, and everyone here knows it.  The Haitian community is here completely legally--the owner of the land has given the people who live there permission to be on his property.  They comply entirely with his rules to not build things of wood or brick, so their houses are tin shacks.  Also, they were brought here by the government because of the earthquake-- but yet, they are still not at home here.  It's a tough situation.

We changed the focus of our day a bit, and went from house to house praying for people and talking about Jesus.  We ministered to people who lived in fear that immigration would come and take the very little that they have.

This community is a 15 minute walk from the base, and there is a lot that they can do with the people, as well as try to gain influence with the immigration police so that things change.  The staff here at the base also have a clearer picture of how to pray against the injustices that take place.

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Sarah Trask said...

AS I read your blog today, I could SEE you doing everything you wrote. Proud of you! Keep up the good work. Love, Sarah