Friday, May 13, 2011

Congo line

Part of the work in pioneering the base here in San Pedro, is integrating YWAM into the churches.  The church we went to last Sunday had a 4 hour service.  We were asked to speak a bit about YWAM and what exactly we were doing here in the DR.  I spoke on behalf of the group, and was pretty nervous to address the church, but I did a good job!

The praise and worship was very different, as it was done Caribbean style!  Everyone was dancing, and it was really funto worship God to Merengue music. 

There was no translation for the English speakers.  When it was time to give the tithes and offerings, the pastor annouced it quickly, and then told everyone to stand up.  The English speakers just followed what everyone else was doing, not even asking me anymore what was going on.  They played a really lively song, and people started going up the isles to go up front and put their offering in the basket.  But as they were in the isles waiting to go up front, they were dancing.  My friend who I was standing next to turned to me and exidely said, "Is this a Congo line?!"  After we both laughed, she said, "Good thing I asked, because I was getting ready to get in the line and dance!"

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