Saturday, May 21, 2011

Busy past few days

The last few days have been busy with activities both on and off the base. On Thursday, we stayed here on the base cleaning and making bunk beds. Since we are the first team to come stay here, there is a lot of painting to be done, windows to be fixed and beds to be made. We were sleeping on mattresses on the floor until we made our beds, which look really nice!

Yesterday we went to a Haitian community to do a vacation Bible school type activity with the kids. Around 60 kids came and we had a blast playing with them. After we did dramas, songs, and shared the gospel with them, we played a bunch of games. We were a little unsure if it was wise to play because it had rained the night before and the dirt road where we were doing the program was a mud pit. Right as it was time to start with the games it began to sprinkle, but we went ahead with the games.

The first game we played is similar to "sharks and minnows," a game you might have played in the pool. There are minnows on one side and a shark in the middle. The minnows have to run to the other side of the field (or 25 feet down the road in our case) avoiding being tagged by the shark. The kids were all ready to run and seeing the shark had them jittery with excitement. Have I said yet that this was a bad idea? As soon as we said "Run!", half the kids took off at full speed, and the other half face-planted into the mud. It was a sight to be seen. Some kids were celebrating the fact they had escaped getting tagged, others were fighting with the shark, while a good half of the kids, were a muddy, crying mess. That game ended as soon as it started!

We then pulled out water balloons and sheets, and divided the kids into boys versus girls. Everyone got around their sheet, as if it were a parachute. The game was to get the water ballon thrown high into the air. Each team was doing a great job, and none of the water balloons were breaking when they fell. Then, the boys tossed one up really high and to the side. A poor Haitian man was walking passed and it fell right on his head and broke! We all felt bad but it was so funny!

We played for about 30 minutes before the light sprinkle turned into a rain, and we had to send the kids home. Overall, it was a really great time with the kids.

In the evening we went to a lady's house who wanted to bless us as missionaries. She made a very typical Dominican dish, which is like bean soup with dumplings. But the dumplings are not in balls, like our chicken and dumplings, they are in logs and look like fingers. It wasn't very good, but we were all respectful and ate what we were served. For those who ate quickly, they were given a second portion which they had to choke down.

The lady's sister works for a TV program, and interviewed me about our time here in San Pedro de Macoris.

Later on today we will be going to a jail to minister to the inmates, and then tonight we are speaking at a local church.

There are only 8 more days left of our outreach, and all of them are filled with lots of work and lots of ministry!

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Warner Isaac said...

hey a fun & really busy day eh?
I hope you guys can enjoy & bless that place in this last 8 days, God bless you & pura vida my friend!