Saturday, April 9, 2011

We're here!

We arrived in the DR at 2am after traveling all day. For some of the members on our team it was their first time on an airplane, which was pretty cool for them. We are staying at a very small church that has 3 rooms and a tin roof.

When it rained on Friday night we all felt the water coming through the roof. We were supposed to have a church service, but because the congregation is larger than the church, the service is held outside. It was pouring rain and loomed like we would have to cancel the service. Our team started to pray, and we prayed specifically for the rain to stop. About 5 minutes later the rain stopped, and we had enough time to dry off the chairs and have the church service. How cool is that?!

The area where we are has mostly Haitian people, but they speak Spanish. There are kids everywhere and because they are black and running around half-naked, I feel like I'm in Africa. It's very interesting.

This week we'll be going to schools to minister and help out. I'm very excited to be doing this and to be here!

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