Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Substitute teacher

Today we went back to the same public school to minister, and when we got to school they asked if there was a Spanish speaking teacher on our team. They said yes, and pointed to me. I was then told that a teacher didn't show up for work and was asked to substitute. I said sure, but had no idea what I was getting myself into. The director took me to the classroom, where I found myself alone with around 40 teenagers. It was 7th grade, but I would guess that most of the kids were 14 or 15.

I asked the director what I was supposed to teach them and she said "oh, whatever you want! You can talk about God or whatever, but there is no material we have to teach them." And then she left. Pretty overwhelming!!

I quieted them down and then talked about vision and purpose. They were really responsive and seemed encouraged as I told them my story of how God has worked in my life, and how they can expect God to give them vision and purpose as well. That talk lasted about 40 minutes, and there was still an hour left. Things got really out of control for about 20 minutes, but I didn't do anything to stop them. I just kept them from leaving. I kept asking God what I should do, and finally a few songs came to mind, and I taught them English words and then sang a song.

Right as everyone was participating and singing with me, the rest of the team walked passed and saw what a great job I was doing. Of only they had seen the chaos just a few minutes before!!

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