Thursday, April 21, 2011

La Zona de Amor

Today was pretty interesting. Since the whole country is on spring break, everyone has work and school off. Water sources (like the beaches and rivers) typically become popular hang out points. The pastor that we are working with had an idea for us to go to a popular river and set up tents. We would be called "La Zona de Amor" or in English, "The Love Zone".

The idea was for us to be doing dramas and evangelizing to the people at the river--but it was a flop. There were not a lot of people at the river. The majority of our team does not speak Spanish. The pastor never brought the speaker system (or even show up to help!). Therefore, we left at 2 pm feeling frustrated and like we had wasted the day. The pastor wants us to go and try again tomorrow, but we have decided to use our time differently. Instead, we will work with the kids we feed, doing a vacation bible school type day with them and have a movie theatre for them at night showing Toy Story 3. The average income per household in the community we are working with is $30 a month. So, we know that it will be very special for them to go a movie theatre, as this luxury is typically out of the question for them. Tomorrow's movie night should be fun and special for both them and us!

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