Friday, April 15, 2011

High School, pt 2

Last night was a great success! Lots of teenagers from the high school came to our movie night and we were able to talk with many of them and minister to them. We played chess with one guy named Riley, and Riley is coming back this afternoon to the church we are staying at to hang out with us.

This morning we went to an elementary school, and I shared with them about the battle between the flesh and the Spirit, and how to make good choices.

Then, we went back to the high school and continued with our presentation. I went to the office at the school, and all of a sudden found myself in the principal's office. (No, I wasn't in trouble!) The director of the school pulled me into his faculty meeting and I learned a lot of interesting things!!

The school has 3 different sessions, for 3 different student bodies. Each group has 1000 students, and each is led by a different director. There is a morning session, an afternoon session, and a night session. It seemed as though they didn't even know who were the other people that ran the school. They had huge hearts to see the student's lives transformed, even if it meant having Bible classes introduced into their curriculum. And this is a public school!! Tonight we will be dividing our team into 2: one group doing a children's service here at the church and the second group going to the night session at the high school. And tomorrow... the beach!!

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