Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bottom bunk

One of the nice things about people moving out, is the free space in the room.  Remember, I've been sharing a room with 7 other girls.  There are 4 bunk beds, 6 closets, and 1 bathroom.  As soon as Ayumi left this morning, I changed my bed so that I am now on the bottom bunk.  It will only be for 4 days, but it is 4 days of sleeping on the bottom, which is so nice!

Most of my DTS has left for San Diego this weekend to go get stuff for the outreach.  But since I went last week to pick up the team I was able to get everything I need.  I'm packing only a backpacker's backpack.  It is the one my mom used when she back packed across Europe when she was in college.

I am glad that we have changed the dates from Monday to Wednesday, to have a few days to sleep and rest until life gets crazy.  It will be a good crazy...but crazy nonetheless!

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