Sunday, March 13, 2011

Youth Street

Today Youth Street went a lot better than 2 Saturdays ago, when we got stuck in the mud picking up the kids.  Today we brought 23 kids to the base (in one 15 passenger van) and hung out with them for a few hours.  The majority of the teens are between 14-18 and only one girl came.  As we were playing games, playing soccer, and talking with them about following Jesus, I felt like I was back in Honduras working with the youth.  My friend Isaac shared with them and gave his testimony of growing up in a neighborhood similar to theirs, where experimenting with drugs out of boredom is common.  He encouraged them to seek after God no matter what, to resist the pressures and temptations that might be offered, and to continue to make good choices for their lives.  I really enjoyed working the Youth Street today, and since it is only every other week, I will only be able to help out for one more time before leaving for the outreach.

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