Friday, March 4, 2011

Party in Heaven

Every morning 8:30 we have community worship or intercession.  Every student, staff, and worker on the base gets together to pray about an issue, or to have a time of worship.  It is usually directed by different staff or students in the school, but today Jim Walker, the director of the base led the time of worship.  He started by talking about how the Bible says in Luke 15 that when a sinner repents and turns to Jesus, there is great rejoicing in Heaven.  He talked about what it looks like when God and the angles rejoice, and how our attitudes should be towards people when they make a decision to follow Christ.

He then displayed this website on the screen:

The mission field has reached the internet, and Global Media Outreach has linked websites that present the gospel and give an invitation to follow Christ to one site.  This site receives information as people on the internet click and respond to having chosen to follow Christ.  It also tracks if a person has requested follow-up, by giving an email address.

 As various city names appear in blue it shows that they are reading the website.  When the name changes to yellow, it means that they have made a decision to follow Christ.

For the first 10 minutes, watching the website, we cheered and cheered every time we saw a city name change from blue to yellow.  I can only imagine how God feels as he sees the conditions of these people's hearts as they choose to follow him, and how his huge celebration actually is!  We had so much joy celebrating as people from Nigeria, El Salvador, China, India and so many other countries were clicking to show that they had made a decision to follow Christ.

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