Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Father Heart of God

This week's theme has been about God's heart towards us as a father.  Our speaker told us about how his kids went through a phase when they wanted to call him by his first name, and not "dad."  It reminded me of when my sisters and I were little and would do the same thing.  We wanted to be able to call my mom and dad by their first names.  I remember very clearly my parents telling us, " There are only 3 people in this whole world that can call us mom and dad.  It is a very special name that only you can call us."  The speaker told a similar story with his kids to what I had experienced.  Then he related that to God as our father.  Everyone in the world can call Him God, but not everyone can call him father.  God is a term of position, while the word father is a relational word.  God desires to have the type of relationship with him as a father does with his child. 

Living a life for God is not just about serving him, and doing the right thing all the time.  It's about being in relation with him, spending time with him, and being honest and open with him.   

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