Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Tonight at the downtown Tijuana kid's ministry I met a new girl named Ana.  She was desperate for attention and jumped all over me like a monkey.  She looked like a hard kid when I first saw her, and actually mistook her for a boy! It wasn't until I asked her name that I realized she was a girl.  It was obvious to me and other team members that she was a street kid by her verbal and body language.

Here was on of my conversations with her:
Me: How old are you?
Ana: 12
Me: Do you go to school?
Ana: Um, yeah
Me: Do you go every day?
Ana: Yeahhh
Me: What is 5x5?

That's how our conversation ended, because she thought for a minute and ran away after I asked her the math fact.  A kid confident in basic 3rd grade skills, would easily have answered my question.  Ana does not have those skills.  While I interact with kids like her, I think of all of the other thousands of kids who live in her same situation here in Tijuana; kids who don't have people investing in their lives, who don't have anyone to believe in them.  What we do seems so simple to us, but it could mean giving life and encouragement to someone's future.

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