Monday, February 21, 2011

My weekend as a nanny

This weekend our YWAM base hosted a huge event, Baja and Beyond, where we had buisnessmen and long-time YWAM friends come and stay with us.  Jim and Nico, the base directors, have 3 little girls, and asked me to stay with them full time while the event was going on.  I have been with them since Friday afternoon, and left early this morning.  While people at the base were asking how was I "surviving" with the 3, it was like a vacation for me!  I got to sleep at house (instead of my dorm) with a big bed (instead of my top bunk) and play with really sweet kids all day!  The girls are 5, 8, and 11 and actually remind me of my sisters and I when we were little.  Their personalities are parallel to my 2 sisters and I-- even the way they interact with each other. 

Overall, the weekend went very smoothly, although we did have a few tramautic events.  One was when the cat clawed the youngest girls face.  She said she was kissing the cat on the nose, when it started going crazy on her.  I have a feeling her interaction with the cat was a bit more agressive for the cat to respond as it did, but I heard the scream and found her with blood all over her face.  The few scratches that she had really bled!  As I washed her scratches with peroxide, she screamed and her 2 sisters went into protector mode and begged to get their parents.  However, candy and a movie did the trick of calming her down, and once her face was cleaned off, it didn't look that bad. 

Another event that happened involved a dead mouse.  I gave the youngest one her clean clothes to put away and a few minutes later heard the middle child and the youngest one arguing.  I started downstaris, to find the youngest at the front door with a dead, wet mouse in her hands.  "Look what we found, Karen," she said very excited to show me her show and tell treasure.  "Throw it on the ground! That's dirty!!" I responded.  Immediately after throwing the mouse on the doormat, she began to wipe her hands on her pajamas to get the "dirty" off.  I later found out that the middle child had been walking into the gigantic puddle (where the water had flooded) and rescued the dead mouse.  The water was so deep, she had to walk in up to her mid-leg to get the mouse.  I was so grossed out that I made them take showers to clean off the mouse germs.  We had a great talk afterwards about how dead animals are off limits to touch!

I was so honored to be chosen by the base leaders to stay with their kids!  To think that there are so many people here on the base that they have known for a while, yet they chose me to stay with their children is a huge priviledge!  The middle child asked me if I could move in with them, and I had to tell her no.  haha.  But hopefully I'll be able to nanny for them again if there is ever a need.

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