Sunday, February 13, 2011

Migrant Camp- Part 2

Pictures can often speak louder than words, so here are some pictures to help you see where we were, and what we were doing.   Once we got to the camp, we learned that picking season doesn't start until April, so we worked on projects to improve the community. 
The houses where the people lived.  This building had about 9 different
homes, each divided by a thin wall.
In front of the outhouses was sewage water that came from the overflowing
bathrooms.  It smelled awful and the water was full of trash, and
sadly, it was where the kids played.

Shoveling and moving dirt to cover the sewage water.
I moved buckets of dirt for hours.
Creating an drainage system.  The people typically throw their bath and
cooking water out the front door, but now there are trenches that will drain
the water into the huge well that we dug. 
While the mothers had coffee & chatted with some of the team members about
life at the migrant camp, we gave a Bible lesson and did a craft with the kids.
Here I am playing games and having some fun with the kids!

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