Sunday, February 6, 2011

Last day at local outreach

Yesterday was the last day at the location we were cleaning up.  The environment is completely different because of the work we've done.  The people who write graffiti have not been back since we've painted, so it continues to look awesome and clean.  I made friends with a couple of the kids last week, and they were excited to see us back yesterday.  My little friends followed me around as I pruned trees, and they caught the branches.  When it was time to go, one of the little girls said, "OK, Karen, well I'll see you next week!!"  When I told her that we wouldn't be back again her little face dropped, and she looked so sad.  "Karen," she said, "I will never, ever forget you."  This little 9 year old sure touched my heart!!  That is one of the hard parts about interacting with kids, but not being in an actual classroom with them; I build relationships with them, but they are very temporary.

Here are a few pictures from the past few weeks of the area we were working on:
How it looked before we got to work.
This soccer field is the center of a neighborhood where thousands of people live.

Yuck!  If you think this looks bad, you should have smelled it!

Trimming the overgrown hedge, and raking up trash

Painting over graffiti
This trash pile grew exponentially as we continued to work!
Sadly, it is still there because they government has not yet come to pick it up.
They will take pictures, but not the garbage :(

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