Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Keep praying

Please keep praying for Ruth and her family.  Yesterday was the wake and the funeral.  In Honduras, because they don't embalm bodies, the body is usually buried within 24 hours.  I have been reading in the Honduran newspaper, and the entire church community is in shock.  The community of pastors gathered at the funeral to mourn the loss of Roberto Marroquin.  His death was a result of gang violence.  Honduras is a country that truly needs a touch from God.  Its very apparent that violence is on the rise as I read comments like, "We don't value life here in Honduras," and "This country that we love so much is captured by violence. Our children must inherit a better Honduras."

I am praying that God uses this tragedy to unite the Church and work together to stop the direction that the nation of Honduras seems to be going in.  If young men felt accepted and loved by the Church, perhaps they would not turn to gangs for acceptance. 

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