Thursday, February 17, 2011

Egypt Genesis Connect

Our YWAM base, along with other bases around the world had a live streaming feed (Genesis Connect) to hear about what is going on in Egypt.  The base in Egypt has been updating us about what is actually going on, compared to what is only seen in the news.  I had a first hand account of how the news can twist the truth when I lived in Honduras during the coup.  The news portrayed it as violent and out of control, while it was much calmer and in control than said.  While the news said that the majority of the people were upset about the coup, the truth is that most people were relieved that Mel Zelaya was ousted.

The purpose of the Genesis Connect was for the bases around the world to hear first-hand.  Through, a newscast put on by the YWAM base in Egypt, they have been updating the rest of the world with the reality of what's happening, but it was very interesting to hear first hand through the live stream.   

Here are a few of the points that the YWAM base leader (who is Egyptian) said in the interview today:
  • Muslims and Christians are holding hands, protecting each other as they pray. 
  • God is changing Egypt because of the prayers of everyone in the world
  • Laws are changing so that people can become, and freely be Christians
  • The news can't keep up with the changes that are happening in Egypt
  • When the president left, everyone was celebrating in the streets.  The atmosphere was changing, and the Christians and the Muslims were together.  For so many years, the government had pitted the 2 religious groups against each other
  • Christians were on freedom square with their guitars and singing and praising the Lord in the middle of the square 
  • For the first time, there is total freedom for the Christians
  • Muslims are going into Christian churches, just because they can

    He told us that we can pray for Egypt by:
    • Praying that there will be a revolution in the church among the young people
    • Unity for the Christians in Egypt
    • For radical Islam to not reach the position to rule Egypt
    • Leaders to have boldness and walk in great leadership

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