Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soup for the homeless

Last night once again we went to down town Tijuana to pray on the streets where the prostitutes work and to feed the homeless. I opted to stay and feed the homeless like last week. First we had a message of repentance given by a fellow DTS student (who is a 52 year old man from Mexico) followed by praise and worship, and then soup.

This week was different than last week for me. God broke my heart for these people. I would estimate that we fed over 150 people and we even ran out of bowls. We had enough soup for everyone to eat but they had to find their own bowl. My heart broke as they looked on the ground for a cup that was once trash, or asked a fellow homeless person for their used soup bowl.

It was so degrading. I know this is the life of a homeless person. I know they are used to eating the scraps of others, but it is heartbreaking to watch it happen. There is so much that so many have, while others literally have nothing.

After we gave the soup I was able to pray for a couple of men who asked for prayer. One man had just been deported from the States, and was about to make his journey back to his family in Veracruz. He was a long way from home. I prayed with another boy who was 15 years old and was high on drugs. He came up to me and said, "please don't go without praying for me first." Although these men might feel far away from God, they are desperate for God to touch them.

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