Thursday, January 13, 2011

Red Light District

Every Wednesday we do ministry in the red light district in downtown Tijuana.  It is optional because there is some risk involved, however they encourage people to go.  One group goes to feed the homeless and another group goes and prays over the streets where the prostitutes work.  I was a little nervous to go, and decided that I would go to where the homeless men are and pass out food.

We first got there and I was shocked to see a man who came running over to us, with a gigantic woman's purse hanging on his arm.  He also had a woman's watch that he was casually putting on his wrist.  It was very obvious that he had just stolen the purse and the watch.  It was a little intimidating, to say the least.  We set up the soup and drink and started serving people.  At first the plaza that we were at was completely empty.  The men kept shouting to one another to come come, and before long there were probably 50 people in line.  We served about 75 men and women in total.

It was very humbling to serve these people who smelled bad, and who are the rejects of society.  It was very, very sad to know that most of these men do drugs and go days without food because they are trapped in a lifestyle.

The plaza that we were at is at the bottom of a hill.  At the top of the hill is a fence which is the US-Mexican border.  The men walk along the hill day and night, waiting for the chance to run across to the US when the patrol people on the States side aren't looking.  Most of the people who we served have been deported at one time or another.

We will be going there every Wednesday.

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