Saturday, January 29, 2011

Local Outreach

Today on our local outreach we went to the same neighborhood as last week to continue cleaning up the central area.  It was sad to see that all of the garbage and debris that we had piled up the week before, still had not been taken by the city's trash pick-up.  Our DTS leader, Felipe, shared with me that things like this is part of the injustice here in Tijuana.  Money that should be going to help clean up neighborhoods, and pick up trash was going to other things instead.  Today our job was to paint over all of the graffiti.  It was a huge job.  After 4 hours of 25 people painting, the job is still not finished.  That should give you a picture of what the area looks like. 

While we were eating lunch, that the community members had made for us, Felipe pointed out to me well dressed men that stepped on to the property.  "Do you know what they are doing?" he asked me, "They are city council men that are here to take pictures of the work we are doing, and bring it back to the government to show that they ARE working in the neighborhoods.  You are watching injustice happen right now." 

I watched the men pose and take pictures in front of the freshly painted walls.  It was quite frustrating to watch them take credit for our work, but our goal is to impact the community, and I believe that we are doing just that.  Kids from many different families came and played with us as we worked, which was very different from last week when it was just alone.  I have always believed that kids are the key to impacting a community, and the kids we can reach in this community will help us win over the heart of those in this neighborhood.

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