Saturday, January 22, 2011

Local outreach

Today we went to do a local outreach here in the community.  We went to a neighborhood full of graffiti and trash, and as we stepped onto the soccer field in the middle of the community, were told that it is a place that gangs use to deal drugs.  A local pastor felt the Lord lead him to start a church on that soccer field, and for the past few months, have been having open air services there.  Our job today was to help pick up trash.  It doesn't sound like a big job, but this place had been used as a landfill for the community.  The trash was piled feet high, and mixed in with dirt and rocks.  Among the trash there were needles, diapers, food containers, toothbrushes, old clothes, and every other type of trash imaginable.  It smelled horrible, and was pretty disgusting.  We were able to clean out most of the trash, with the 22 DTS students and staff.  I saw more beetles, spiders, centipedes, and other insects to last me a lifetime, but we'll be back again next week to keep on helping!!  The community members were so happy that we were there, that they made us a delicious lunch, and opened their homes for us to wash our hands and use the restroom.  Although it was a pretty dirty job, it felt great to be able to serve a community, and help spread the gospel through our work!

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