Friday, January 7, 2011

I'm in Mexico!

I'm in Tijuana! Wow, it is so incredible to meet so many people with the same vision and passion for Jesus from all over the world. I have met people from New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States who are all here with the same purpose I came here for. Wow!

Living space is quite small. I share a room with 6 other girls. I came last so I have a top bunk, which is a bummer to climb but nice for privacy. The campus is HUGE though, so there is lots of space to grow and build. I came into Mexico when it was dark so I really haven't seen much.

There was a whirlwind of picking up people and I actually didn't even realize exactly when we crossed into Mexico from California. The city of Tijuana is huge but very modern looking compared to Honduras. The highways are very similar to those in the US.

I am actually a bit south of the city and the property is pretty secluded and extremely safe.

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