Thursday, January 27, 2011

"I have what I need to survive. Anything else is too much."

This is what I heard last night from a 25 year-old in the red light district of downtown Tijuana.  He was deported from the States 8 months ago.  He grew up in California and his deportation is his first trip to Mexico.  His 19 year-old friend came over and joined the conversation.  He graduated high school this past May, and was arrested for gang related activity.  He came to the United States when he was 2 months old, and has lived his entire life in the United States.  He is the oldest of his family; his siblings are all citizens of the US by birth.  Because he is not a citizen, he was sent back to Mexico.  He has made 3 attempts to cross back to the States to be with his family and his gang, but has been caught by the border patrol each time.

It was hard to minister to these men.  It was hard to know how to encourage them, and how to pray for them.   After giving them soup, a lesson from the Bible, praise and worship, and prayer, it still feels like it's not enough.  We are praying for God's guidance in how we can be more effective in helping people, and seeing God's justice done in Tijuana.

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