Sunday, January 9, 2011

Church & Welcome Party

Today we went to the church I will be attending for our time here. It is called Calvary Chapel and is totally bilingual. Everything was translated on stage- the praise and worship, announcements and the preaching. The congregation is a mix of North Americans and Mexicans. There are 3 services with about 50 in each service.
Here is a picture from the outside:

In the afternoon the founder of YWAM San Diego/Tijuana came and spoke to everyone about how the base came to be, and everything has been done due to revelation from God. He challenged us to seek God's face in these next months to get revelation for our own lives. I plan to!

At night we had a welcome dinner with tacos (yum yum!) and a mariachi band! It was very funny watching my Japanese roommate as the band played. She just laughed and laughed as they sang and danced. The next picture is of the dining hall/ main meeting room as we were eating and enjoying the music.

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