Friday, December 10, 2010


One of the greatest things about being home for this extended period of time, is that I can visit people that are not in Ohio that I haven't seen in years.  Molly and I met in elementary school while I lived in Colorado. When I moved away after 5th grade, we stayed best friends, visiting each other twice a year.  17 years later, we are still great friends.  When she heard that I was back in the States for a while, she invited me to come visit in Colorado, which is where I am now!

We have had an incredible time so far, catching up on the latest, and just hanging out.  Today we went skiing- something I haven't done in at least 5 years.  It was pretty hilarious when I first got on the slopes.  All I could remember was the "pie" to be able to stop, and the second I felt out of control, my arms shot up in the air.  Molly gave me a "how to stop" lesson to refresh my memory, and from there on out I was good to go.  We skied for 5 hours, and although it was freezing cold with the big snowflakes falling, and the wind blowing, we had a really fun time!

I will be here until Monday, visiting with Molly, her family, and other friends here. 

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Heidi said...

Im so sorry that I missed you while you were in town. My sister said that she loved seeing you and that you are so much fun. P.S. Im glad you are still blogging.