Saturday, November 6, 2010

Power of prayer

Last night 2 of my friends, Argery and Bea, decided to go out after church. But Argery first had to go home to get something. As we drove we felt an urge to pray, and so we prayed. We got to Argery's house and she went inside to talk to her mom. I was in the drivers seat and Bea was in the back. I had to give the keyes to Argery so that she could unlock the front door. Which means the drivers side window was down, and I couldn't put it up since I didn't have keys.

Bea and I sat in silence for a couple of minutes, when all of a sudden 2 motorcycles pulled up, one in front of the car and one behind it. They were police officers, but here not all cops are good cops! I threw my purse to the back, thinking they were about to rob us.

They came up to the car and asked for my license and regestration. In my nervousness I announced that I was from the States and told him my passport and visa were valid. He took them both and then told Bea and I to get out of the car.

I was calm on the outside, but totally freaking out on the inside. Right as we got out, Argery came outside. He asked to see her ID as well and she gave it to him. We started telling them we were Christians and were coming from the church. They asked us if we had a weapon. Bea and I emphatically said no, and Argery said, yes! And reached in the car and took out her Bible. Both of the cops reached for their guns as she did that.

She held up the Bible and said the Word of God is sharper than a 2 edged sword! I was dying on the inside.

Argery's mom then came outside and asked what was going on. "Just normal check ups" he told her. There was nothing normal about what they were doing. Then they got on their motorcycles and drove off.

I went inside and let all my nerves out. It was really scary. Then we remembered that we had prayed in the car for divine protection and for God to go out before us and make every crooked path straight. Once again I am reminded of the power of prayer and how God leads us and takes care of us.

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