Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Encounters are coming!

Remember last February when we had those retreats at my church?  They're 3 day retreats that we call Encounters because we pray for each person who attends to have a face to face encounter with God.  Well, we are in Encounter season again! The last 2 weeks have been the mens and young adult men, and the next 2 weeks are the women's and young adult women's Encounters.  My friend Kellee is going to preach at the women's Encounter so I get to help out with her kids!  She has a one year old and a 3 year old, Jordan and Sebastian, and they are just too cute! I'm looking forward to this weekend to be in a different house and hang out with these two kiddos! :)  
Sebastian and Jordan
The weekend after this one, is the young women's Encounter and I'll be going to translate for the 2 new missionaries.  Translating has become my new ministry here, as have translated every Sunday service since I've been back from the summer!  There is a little microphone that I speak into, and the people who need translation listen though headphones.  Its something that I really have grown to enjoy doing!

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