Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Life Children's Home- Guatemala

Wow, my heart is so full, I don't even know where to begin.  My 3 day trip in Guatamala was extended to 6 days after I felt like the Lord led me to change my ticket and stay the entire time the team was there.  From the outside, it looked a little irresponsible, but I'm sure it was God told me, and wow, I am glad I obeyed that little voice! It will take me few days to really update you all on what I saw and heard God do at this home.

Here is a picture of little Kevin, who is 4 years old and got to everyone's heart.  Connie, one of the team members found Kevin in the prayer room praying to his Father.

This children's home is not your typical orphanage when you imagine one.  The kids are divided into houses with running water, electricity, nice kitchens, bathrooms in the bedrooms, 2 living rooms, computers, etc.  The grounds are unbelievable.  I told the director Wendy, "Wow, I never imagined this to be what it is!"  She put me in my place and looked at me and said, "Well Karen, we serve a BIG God!"  There are so many promises for these kids in the Bible.  Promises that God will take care of them and provide for them.  I am honored to have been able to take part in such a big work that God is doing at this home.

There are around 50 kids, all of which are there permanently.  Each one brings a heartbreaking story of how they arrived at the home, but the redeeming, restoring power of Jesus Christ is alive in each child.

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