Thursday, October 21, 2010

My role on the trip

Playing with Iza

I went on this trip open for anything.  If I get the privilege to serve God on a missions trip, I don't want to be picky about what I do.  I just want to serve God!

It was my joy to serve with the kids. There are about 50 kids in the home, ages 6 months to 27 years old.  The young adults have been there since they were small children.  We split up into 3 age groups- kids under 10, preteens to 17, and young adults.  

We had activities and lessons for the kids that focused on how they were made by God with a great purpose, and how special they are.  
Here I am translating for Krystle during one of the morning sessions. 

But my only purpose wasn't just to translate.  It was to hug and kiss and love on all of these kids.  And it's funny how things work- because the more I loved on them, the more I was filled with love.  

Playing and singing with the kids! 

The majority of the kids with me.  What a joy it was to spend the week with them!

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