Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Missionaries I Work With

There are 8 other American missionaries who I serve alongside with her in Honduras.  The pastor's wife, who is also a pastor and who is currently pastoring the church also came here as a missionary over 20 years ago.  Its awesome to see how God brought each person down here, and to hear testimony of how each one dreamed of being a missionary.  While I was home I found my 6th grade yearbook where I wrote that I want to be a missionary when grew up.

Each of us serve by working at Agape, and serving in the church, all of us have conquered the challenge of learning Spanish.  3 of us are single, while the rest of the women have married Honduran men. Its encouraging to have so many women of God and faith around, that share the same call and passion.

Here are some of the other's pages if you'd like to read about them and their adventures! KimAngeleenHadassah

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