Sunday, October 10, 2010

Getting ready to GO!

Go? Where am I going?  To Guatemala on a missions trip! Next Monday we have school off for Columbus Day, and I am joining my church from Longview, Texas on a missions trip!  We are going to New Life Children's Home (NLCH) in Villa Nueva, Guatemala.  It is a home for abused, abandoned, or kids who have been rescued from some of the worst slums.  I will be leaving on Friday afternoon, and returning to Honduras on Monday evening.  It is a quick trip, but it doesn't take a long time for God to do his work!  He can heal the sick in a matter of seconds, and enlighten the eyes of the spiritually blinded just as quickly.  We are believing for God to move in mighty ways in the lives of these kids this next week.  The list below contain the primary purposes of the trip.  I am posting them so you can be connected with us in prayer as we go:

1.       First of all, we are asking God to connect each of our hearts to at least two or three of the children and/or youth in such a way that we would faithfully pray for them in the days, weeks and months, (and possibly even the years) to come.  

2.      We want to effectively lead the children and youth in worship and bring them the Word of God in ways that will be minister to them.  Just as we believe in the power of prayer, we also believe in the power of God’s Word and in the blessing of engaging in heart-felt worship.  The Word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword and it will not return void.  We are praying for a harvest in and from the hearts and lives of the youth and children for the glory of God from the sowing of His Word.

3.      We want to share God’s love with the children and youth through our interactions with them.  We want them to know that God loves them. 

4.      We want to encourage those who work with the youth and children, especially Kendon and Wendy Wheeler.  Working with these youth and children is a very demanding ministry.  We are thankful to God for those who embrace this calling, and we want to strengthen and encourage them in any way we can.  We pray that God will lead us to see how we can encourage them. 

5.      We are praying for God’s guidance in the months and years to come beyond these days that we have at New Life Children’s Home.  We want to be led by God and by His Spirit to know if there is any future ministry which God would have us do.

6.    We pray for fruit to flow out of the hearts and lives of these youth and children in the years to come.  We pray that God will send them forth as arrows of light into a dark and hurting world, and they will bear fruit for His glory and His kingdom in the weeks, months and years to come!

7.       We pray for the team’s health and safety.  We want to be able to strong and ready while we are there.  We pray for unity, and we pray against distractions. 

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MCH Boys Ranch, Inc. said...

God be with you on your quick trip to Guatemala! are one busy young lady. Take care and it's so good to hear you are still serving HIM with all your heart. We will be praying....